Increasing Value Of Surrounding Properties

“Glad our friends in Sacramento, Crown Downtown, fought against the negativity. Now the positive impact of having a world class venue is showing. Wish us luck in our mission to Save Our Bolts in San Diego.” – Johnny BoltPride, Save Our Bolts Co-Founder and Organizer.

Their investment is showing:

“SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In the short time since construction on the Golden One Center started, Downtown Sacramento property values are up by $180 million, according to the Sacramento County assessor’s office.”

“What we’re seeing right now is really encouraging with the investment that developers and property owners are making in the buildings right around the arena,” he said.

Golden 1 Center Increasing Value Of Surrounding Properties By As Much As $180 Million

Save Our Bolts Wants You To Show Your Support For Ballot Measure C

Take action to make #VoteYesOnC a trending topic on social media.

SAN DIEGO, California – On Wednesday, San Diego City Clerk Elizabeth Maland made public the official ballot designation for the Citizens’ Initiative that would fund the multi-use downtown convention center and stadium facility. Ballot Measure C will be the key ballot measure that will determine the future of the multi-use venue downtown.

“We are excited that the measure is called Prop C. It’s simple for Chargers fans, and we’ll encourage everyone to vote Yes on C,” said David Agranoff of Save Our Bolts.

“This initiative goes beyond the Chargers, since we have a chance to fund this much needed multi-use convention center expansion, which won’t cost local tax payers one dime of their own money. A vote for C ensures that the Chargers, the NFL, and tourists pay for this world-class facility. It just makes sense,” concluded Agranoff.

Save Our Bolts is calling on Chargers fans to take to social media today, this pre-season game day, to show their support for Prop C.

“It’s simple Bolts fans: post a picture of yourself making a “C” with your thumb and index finger and use the hashtag #VoteYesOnC. If all Chargers fans do this, we can get this topic trending. This type of action is simple, but it can show that you’re with the boys on the field and committed to a positive future for all of San Diego,” said Johnny “Bolt Pride” Abundez Hernandez of Save Our Bolts.



Opinion: It maybe be 4th and 29 but the clock has not gone to zero

Hey Chargers fans, the season is almost upon us and since Save Our Bolts was born as last season ended we are starting to think about how we are going to handle what the pessimists think will be the last season of Chargers football in San Diego. From the outside looking in, it looks dire I know, but it’s time to re-focus, lift our chins up and tackle this 2015 season together.


I admit like many you that every time Mark Fabiani opens his mouth I tend to get angry. I don’t dislike the man or think he is the devil like many. I understand where he is coming from. He has to poison the well here in San Diego or the NFL by-laws prevent them even considering LA. The reality is with everything the city has done it should be case closed, bolts stay put.  It seems like lately every time he opens his mouth or uses any kind of effort it is in an effort to get the team to LA.  It is easy to get angry and frustrated but I am asking you to bury those feelings.

I have a good reason too. I know the last town hall meeting in Carson was pretty laughable, I mean Little Caesars had a larger presence than LA Chargers fans or officials from the Chargers “partner” in the Raiders. It is hard to take anything serious that happened during that Raiders rally but consider this…. Fred Roggin, an LA based sports radio host and longtime sports anchor had a message for the Save Our Bolts supporters in the room. I am paraphrasing but basically he talked about losing the NFL in 1994. He said the LA fans were angry at the greed of the two teams and had a “fine just go already attitude.” A year later they started to feel it….The remorse and emptiness in the community.

We have to fight against the apathy. Our own local Sports radio host Scott Kaplan of the Mighty 1090 made a excellent point this last week. The only thing in our control is proving the market. As fans watching a billion dollar project be debated often feel helpless but we are not.

Smartly the City of San Diego and Mayor Falcouner have called upon the NFL to follow their own by-laws and force the team back to the table. The most important thing we can do is prove what an important market we are. I find it hard to believe we have to prove that the 8th largest market in the country is important to the NFL.

The reality is we have too. I understand why many of you don’t want to give the Spanos family any more of your hard earned money when the threat of LA looms. Many of you have been loyal to the blue and gold for many years before the Spanos family bought the team. You stayed during the Leaf era, 1-15 seasons and watched the franchise fan favorite after favorite leave for another team. Through it all you stayed loyal.

It seems pretty clear that Philip Rivers is returning that loyalty. That is the bottom line the team on the field are showing their loyalty. That should not waiver right now. Part of proving the market is creating a play-off atmosphere for the fans from day one of training…..If there was ever a season when we needed to fill the stadium and buy tickets it is this year. Refusing to go to games doesn’t affect the team money wise, the TV money is so extreme that doesn’t matter. Perception in the eyes of the NFL does matter. Empty seats at the Q doesn’t hurt Dean, it hurts San Diego and our ability to keep the bolts.

We at Save Our Bolts have put a lot of thought and discussion into how we handle the upcoming training camp, fan fest, pre-season and regular season.  We hope that YOU will come to training camp. It would be amazing to set records for attendance. Wouldn’t it be great if the Mayor could point to record numbers in attendance at camp, ticket sales, etc. Best of all, training camp is free folks – a chance to see live practice many player autograph for kids. It only takes effort. Be there.

As important as we think it is for you to show up for training camp we are not asking you to rally. We want you to respect that our boys are there to work. Be quiet and respectful during practice. When the last open practice at fan fest ends we ask you to stay in the Q to raise our voices together.

That said wear your Save Our Bolts shirts, Make Save our Bolts signs and bring them to camp. We will make sure that we re-post any pictures with #saveourbolts #listenNFL

I know it is hard sometimes to keep the faith, but remember if the team’s agenda is to move to LA giving up as a fan base only plays into their hands. This fight is far from over and until you see mayflower trucks lined up on Murphy Canyon it is no time to give up on the Chargers. It maybe be 4th and 29 but the clock has not gone to zero.

David Agranoff, founder of Save Our Bolts

For Immediate Release: Council to Vote To Fund EIR on Tuesday


Tuesday’s Facebook Event Information – click here:

On July 14th @ 2:00 pm, City Council will vote to approve $2.1 Million in part to fund an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), which is necessary for a stadium vote to take place by January. Members of the Save Our Bolts Fan movement will be there to rally in support.

“The Chargers may have walked away from the table but the city and the fans are not giving up. The EIR can be done and we are supporting the city. We would like Dean and his team to come back to the table and quit moving the goal posts,” said David Agranoff of Save Our Bolts.

The City is quickly advancing with the environmental studies that are required for a public vote in January.

The EIR must be completed and approved by Council no later than October in order to make a January 12 vote possible.2015-07-12_2204

Members of Save Our Bolts will be available Monday for interviews to promote the rally, and Tuesday at the rally/meeting. See contact information below.


WHO: All Chargers (and NFL) fans

WHEN: Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 1:00 – 2:30 PM

WHERE: Civic Center Plaza (in front of City Hall), 202 C street, San Diego California, 92101


For media inquiries, please contact Thomas Powell or reach out to us via social media.

@SaveOurBoltsSD on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

See you downtown on Tuesday! RSVP here