As Fans We Ask You for More Time

As the NFL owners met in Dallas yesterday, we as the voice of Chargers fans are calling on the team, the mayor, City Council, and the NFL to come back to the table with serious efforts. We had the City’s plan last year and the team’s plan this year, but, now we’re left with no real, solid plan that can prevent relocation.

We know it is easy to think of the franchises in California as chess pieces, in this high stakes games sometimes the NFL owners miss the core fuel that lights the fire of the league – fan passion. With almost six decades of loyalty, San Diego should not lose its team and deserves true leadership from the team and our elected officials.

We feel the fans concerns are being ignored. We know The NFL is a private corporation but we drive the NFL. We make the NFL work. We are merchandise sales. We are the ticket sales. We are the ratings that generate the massive TV deals.

We are pleading with the owners to extend the Chargers LA offer at least one more year to give our city a chance to close the deal. You may be familiar with our friends in Crown Downtown, it took them 3 tries to get an arena built. We ask that the NFL give us the same time frame to do the same. We understand the perception after the failed C vote and how that may seem like the last ditch effort. We thank the Spanos family for their efforts on Measure C, but, it was doomed to fail. San Diego County outside of the City limits is home to the largest population of local fans and they were not included in the vote. The high threshold for a tax increase was not a realistic possibility and should not seal the fate of professional football in this community who has been loyal to the Chargers for decades – even before the Spanos family even bought the team.

We have a unique natural environment that makes it ideal for championship games. We believe the value of the market is worth the long fight.

The Chargers in LA might solve the problem of where the team plays but will doom the franchise to try and build a fan base in a city already struggling to support one team. It will crush the existing fan base many of whom with not follow the team. We understand outside of California it seems like a short drive – what is the big deal? Imagine asking Yankees fans to follow the team to Boston or Philadelphia.

Granting relocation at this time and refusing an extension will only serve to hurt the fans that make the NFL Sundays so special. Many local businesses that thrive on their relationship with the team will also fail. We represent and support them too.

As Save Our Bolts, we call on City Leaders to act now and the NFL to give us the time finish what we have started.

Thank you kindly,
Save Our Bolts

Save Our Bolts Does Not Support Demaio Fantasy Plan

Save Our Bolts does not support former City Councilmen Carl Demaio’s so-called “No Tax” stadium plan.

“This plan has no basis in reality, and furthermore, the community showed overwhelming support for the Chargers current convadium plan by signing 110,000 petitions in record time. The plan we have doesn’t hurt the local taxpayer and shows great responsibility with the funds the Tax on tourists raises by completing two major projections and continuing to fund city marketing. The Chargers plan also has the NFL and Chargers paying for 100% of the stadium something we think is misunderstood.” Said David Agranoff co-founder of Save Our Bolts.

The Demaio plan is pure fantasy. An attempt by a former politician turned radio host to make himself relevant in city politics again. While many aspects sound good on paper several parts of his plan are impossible to implement:

  1. It requires a massive development which will take years to surmount environmental clearances.
  2. It takes naming rights away from team and NFL.
  3. Taking PSL and turning toward a “Fanlord model” isn’t viable, team and stadium are owned by individuals and the city. Not even the Green Bay Packers do this.
  4. It is unrealistic to ask the Spanos family to give up part of their business to a public model. The money from the development partners and hotel owners is high. They could never support this number with any factual analysis.
  5. No money or solutions for SDSU.
  6. Requires money from the Port of San Diego.

While we applaud anyone taking the time to look for solutions we think the time could be better spent supporting the plan that far surpassed the threshold of voter support and will be on the ballot in November.

For media inquiries, contact David at (619) 230-5799 or email Save Our Bolts at

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For Immediate Release: We Love Our San Diego Teams!

For Immediate Release

San Diego Sports Fans Send Strong Message to the NFL At Padres Game!

Before the April 13th home game for the Padres members of the fan group Save Our Bolts will be holding a rally with a simple message “We Love Our San Diego Teams” The reason for this event is the visit of NFL vice chairman Eric Grubman.

“April 13th and 14th are important days in the ongoing stadium issue. Ultimately, it is the NFL that decides where the San Diego Chargers franchise end up. The Chargers could want to go to LA but, without the support of at least 24 owners and the leadership of the league they can’t relocate. This is a chance for San Diego fans to express their love and dedication to the team.” said David Agranoff, co-founder of Save Our Bolts.

The Padres game starts at 7 pm and the pre-game rally starts at 6 pm. The Padres have given the event their blessing and are selling discounted tickets to people who make it downtown for the rally. If you happen to be downtown earlier, there will be supporters gathering in tailgate park, just look for the Save Our Bolts signs. After the rally, fans are encouraged together to watch the Padres play against the Arizona Diamondbacks. “We in San Diego love our teams, we will support the Padres and fight to save the Chargers at the same time. It is important for sports fans to connect the dots. On this day, we need to send a clear message to the powers that be that our passion is strong,” said Johnny Abundez, a member of Save Our Bolts.

For more information contact Save Our Bolts:
Twitter: @SaveOurBoltsSD
Instagram: @SaveOurBoltsSD

For all interview requests ahead of the rally contact Thomas Powell – @tpowell619 on Twitter.

To purchase discounted tickets for Monday, April 13 Padres vs. Diamondbacks:

  • Click on this website link:
  • Enter the Password: RFID
  • Click the T for April 13
  • Select from available sections, tickets range from $14-34 in 2 different sections
  • Continue through to Checkout

We look forward to seeing you! Let’s Go Padres!

Expected Guidelines Regarding Team Transfer

While the City of San Diego recently joined forces with the County to express their desire to get a stadium proposal and provide additional public resources to a new stadium effort, there are other key steps that need to be completed as well.

The application for club transfer that will need to be submitted to the NFL could be the beginning of the end of the Chargers in San Diego. The window for application is set between January 1 and February 15. These dates could be moved as these NFL rules are not law. In addition, the NFL will need to hold a public meeting here in San Diego in order for residents to provide their comments on the proposed transfer. Imagine that?

For more information, Beau from the Voice of San Diego provides an in-depth analysis of the steps involved and touches on the financial side of a potential team transfer.

Voice of San Diego Fact Checks Stadium Hurdles

A few days ago, several members of Save Our Bolts attended the Economic Development and Intergovermental Relations committee meeting. You probably heard Adam Day’s presentation to the committee about the selection of the Mission Valley site. In addition to gathering this information, we at Save Our Bolts interacted with Lisa Halverstadt from Voice of San Diego. Thus far, they have written about everything from the status of the plume under Qualcomm Stadium to breaking down what the Chargers want out of a new one.  Their goal is to address the current state of the stadium, and to get answers to the land use, development and financial questions that will come up.

We wanted to share their most recent article to keep you informed and allow you to share this information with other San Diegans that may not know all the ins and outs of the information coming to light. Click the link below to read more about the VOSD’ project.

Fact Check: Plume Under Qualcomm Stadium

Voice of San Diego’ Investigative and Explanatory Stadium Project

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