Save Our Bolts Wants You To Show Your Support For Ballot Measure C

Take action to make #VoteYesOnC a trending topic on social media.

SAN DIEGO, California – On Wednesday, San Diego City Clerk Elizabeth Maland made public the official ballot designation for the Citizens’ Initiative that would fund the multi-use downtown convention center and stadium facility. Ballot Measure C will be the key ballot measure that will determine the future of the multi-use venue downtown.

“We are excited that the measure is called Prop C. It’s simple for Chargers fans, and we’ll encourage everyone to vote Yes on C,” said David Agranoff of Save Our Bolts.

“This initiative goes beyond the Chargers, since we have a chance to fund this much needed multi-use convention center expansion, which won’t cost local tax payers one dime of their own money. A vote for C ensures that the Chargers, the NFL, and tourists pay for this world-class facility. It just makes sense,” concluded Agranoff.

Save Our Bolts is calling on Chargers fans to take to social media today, this pre-season game day, to show their support for Prop C.

“It’s simple Bolts fans: post a picture of yourself making a “C” with your thumb and index finger and use the hashtag #VoteYesOnC. If all Chargers fans do this, we can get this topic trending. This type of action is simple, but it can show that you’re with the boys on the field and committed to a positive future for all of San Diego,” said Johnny “Bolt Pride” Abundez Hernandez of Save Our Bolts.



SOB Statement on East Village Meeting

Save Our Bolts joined representatives from the Chargers at The East Village Residents bi-monthly meeting. The Chargers lead architect David Manica presented via PowerPoint the most detailed look at the Stadium/ Convention Center project we have seen yet. The presentation started with an introduction by Chargers owner Dean Spanos, followed by Special Council Fred Maas. The team spent forty-five minutes answering question after question often by critics of the plan. In the end the presentation received an ovation. Dean and Fred stayed after the meeting was over and talked to the plans biggest skeptics.

It was a powerful moment.  We got a better understanding of the building’s design and concept. We could feel the mood shift in the room. Dean and Fred did wonderful job of selling the project and most importantly as neighbors in East Village.

A Step in the Right Direction

Members of Save Our Bolts, Bolt Pride, San Diego Stadium Coalition, and San Diego Charger Backers met with Dean Spanos, Fred Maas, AG Spanos and Mark Fabiani this morning at Chargers Park.

It has been our mission to keep the Chargers in San Diego and we are excited for what’s ahead. The details of the initiative are still being worked on and we ALL should know more details in the coming weeks. We ask that you continue to remain engaged and stay informed.

We will also be meeting with City Hall in the next week and hope to continue to build bridges. Everyone working together towards one solution for San Diego, now and for the future. Stay informed!