As Fans We Ask You for More Time

As the NFL owners met in Dallas yesterday, we as the voice of Chargers fans are calling on the team, the mayor, City Council, and the NFL to come back to the table with serious efforts. We had the City’s plan last year and the team’s plan this year, but, now we’re left with no real, solid plan that can prevent relocation.

We know it is easy to think of the franchises in California as chess pieces, in this high stakes games sometimes the NFL owners miss the core fuel that lights the fire of the league – fan passion. With almost six decades of loyalty, San Diego should not lose its team and deserves true leadership from the team and our elected officials.

We feel the fans concerns are being ignored. We know The NFL is a private corporation but we drive the NFL. We make the NFL work. We are merchandise sales. We are the ticket sales. We are the ratings that generate the massive TV deals.

We are pleading with the owners to extend the Chargers LA offer at least one more year to give our city a chance to close the deal. You may be familiar with our friends in Crown Downtown, it took them 3 tries to get an arena built. We ask that the NFL give us the same time frame to do the same. We understand the perception after the failed C vote and how that may seem like the last ditch effort. We thank the Spanos family for their efforts on Measure C, but, it was doomed to fail. San Diego County outside of the City limits is home to the largest population of local fans and they were not included in the vote. The high threshold for a tax increase was not a realistic possibility and should not seal the fate of professional football in this community who has been loyal to the Chargers for decades – even before the Spanos family even bought the team.

We have a unique natural environment that makes it ideal for championship games. We believe the value of the market is worth the long fight.

The Chargers in LA might solve the problem of where the team plays but will doom the franchise to try and build a fan base in a city already struggling to support one team. It will crush the existing fan base many of whom with not follow the team. We understand outside of California it seems like a short drive – what is the big deal? Imagine asking Yankees fans to follow the team to Boston or Philadelphia.

Granting relocation at this time and refusing an extension will only serve to hurt the fans that make the NFL Sundays so special. Many local businesses that thrive on their relationship with the team will also fail. We represent and support them too.

As Save Our Bolts, we call on City Leaders to act now and the NFL to give us the time finish what we have started.

Thank you kindly,
Save Our Bolts

Increasing Value Of Surrounding Properties

“Glad our friends in Sacramento, Crown Downtown, fought against the negativity. Now the positive impact of having a world class venue is showing. Wish us luck in our mission to Save Our Bolts in San Diego.” – Johnny BoltPride, Save Our Bolts Co-Founder and Organizer.

Their investment is showing:

“SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – In the short time since construction on the Golden One Center started, Downtown Sacramento property values are up by $180 million, according to the Sacramento County assessor’s office.”

“What we’re seeing right now is really encouraging with the investment that developers and property owners are making in the buildings right around the arena,” he said.

Golden 1 Center Increasing Value Of Surrounding Properties By As Much As $180 Million

SOB Statement on East Village Meeting

Save Our Bolts joined representatives from the Chargers at The East Village Residents bi-monthly meeting. The Chargers lead architect David Manica presented via PowerPoint the most detailed look at the Stadium/ Convention Center project we have seen yet. The presentation started with an introduction by Chargers owner Dean Spanos, followed by Special Council Fred Maas. The team spent forty-five minutes answering question after question often by critics of the plan. In the end the presentation received an ovation. Dean and Fred stayed after the meeting was over and talked to the plans biggest skeptics.

It was a powerful moment.  We got a better understanding of the building’s design and concept. We could feel the mood shift in the room. Dean and Fred did wonderful job of selling the project and most importantly as neighbors in East Village.

Chargers Initiative Receives Multiple Fan Endorsements

Press Conference: Chargers Park 12:30 PM today May 9th, 2016

Today, Save Our Bolts is proud to announce that our group will stand with SD Stadium Coalition, The Charger Backers and many other fan groups and Evolution Lighthouse to endorse the Chargers downtown stadium/convention center initiative for the upcoming 2016 election. In doing so, we will provide a unified vision to bring a new stadium and convention center space to the East Village. This will be before the 3 fan groups meet with the Chargers at the Complex for their monthly meeting. Later this morning at 10am, Save Our Bolts will also release a major endorsement from the biggest name yet to support the Chargers Initiative – the beginning of more to follow.

As the voice of the fans, Save Our Bolts will bring Neil Conde to the announcement. Neil is a Charger fan who had his leg amputated two months ago. Neil pushed himself over a mile and a half so he could sign the Chargers Initiative. “Neil did a noble thing. He had to make his voice heard and understood the privilege of doing so as an American. Even while some are polluted that process with their misinformation,” said Thomas Powell with Save Our Bolts.

“Opponents have worked hard to create confusion; with this announcement we hope it will be clear. Now is the time for citizens to sign off on the Chargers petition drive. The Chargers are paying for a significant amount of the desperately needed convention center expansion. We feel the deal is fair and with research other San Diegans who are not concerned about football will join us supporting the plan.,” said David Agranoff of Save Our Bolts.

“The Citizens’ Plan coalition believes strongly in the public’s right to vote on important civic issues like where to build a new football stadium and how to finance it.  Save Our Bolts bravely stood with the coalition when public officials were threatening to ignore the Citizens’ Plan.  Today the coalition is proud to stand behind Save Our Bolts and its efforts to bring the Chargers’ own proposal to the ballot box.”
Said Cory Briggs of The Citizens’ Plan coalition.


Save Our Bolts continues to build a coalition of non-profits and businesses that support the plan.

Save Our Bolts
Charger Backers
SD Stadium Coalition
Bolt Pride
Bolt Complex
Die Hard Bolt Club
Cali Comfort
Tilted Kilt
Evolution Lighthouse
Bars Society
You Know You’re A Chargers Fan When
San Diego Sports Domination

“Momentum is swinging, even if political figures in this community are dragging their feet the citizens are signing the petition. Even if those in the ivory tower of city hall do not understand the importance of this legacy, the community does and they are taking action.” said Thomas Powell of Save Our Bolts.

For media inquiries, please contact Thomas Powell at 619-634-9610


November Success

Save Our Bolts needs YOU to contact the City Hall.


To make sure that both the San Diego Chargers and the San Diego Convention Center have equal opportunity in November for success! We need the City leadership to not put a ballot measure for the June election on these two items.


Please contact via letter/emails/phone call:


Phone: (619) 236-6330
Address: 202 C Street
11th Floor
San Diego, CA 92101



Phone: (619) 236-6220
Address: 1200 3rd Avenue
16th Floor, MS 59
San Diego, CA 92101

Let your voice be heard on our terms. The need to have the Stadium and Convention Center on the same ballot in November. It gives us the best opportunity for success.

Make sure you hash tag: #NovemberSuccess