Dear NFL: Save Our Bolts

On Saturday, while San Diego’s football team is in Cleveland preparing to take the field, fans of the team will gather for a desperation protest to save their team from possible relocation.

“This year on Christmas Eve our Bolts are in Cleveland, a city all too aware of what it is like to lose their team. Casual fans might not realize this but the Cleveland Browns team we face is not the franchise that played in the city most of its history. Cleveland got a new team but, they felt the pain and heartbreak of losing a team in 1996. This left a void for years until the NFL expanded and gave Cleveland a new team. San Diego city leaders and its general public need to understand that unlike Cleveland, we will not get another chance.” said David Agranoff of Save Our Bolts

The organizers of Save Our Bolts, the fan activist and volunteer organization, have written a letter ad-dressed to each of the 31 NFL owners asking them to give the Chargers and the city more time to solve our stadium problem. The group is gathering on the morning of the Chargers game to send off these letters to not only communicate with NFL owners but to put City leaders on notice that action is needed to protect the fifty-six year legacy of Chargers football that is woven into the fabric of our region.

“There are lots of ways you can help, writing letters to your local reps whether it is city council, county supervisor or the Mayor please do. Let them know that you’ll remember what they did or didn’t do next time you vote. You can call or write the NFL the information on it only takes a few minutes.” said Shawn Walchef, owner of Cali Comfort BBQ and Save Our Bolts organizer.

Save Our Bolts will gather at the Hillcrest post office (3911 Cleveland Ave, San Diego, CA 92103) Saturday, December 24 at 8am to mail the letters and speak to the media.  For more information, please reach out to David Agranoff or Thomas Powell on Twitter.