Save Our Bolts Reaction to Election Results: Election Day Another Tough Loss for Chargers Fans

The agony of defeat being a part of sports is a reality all to normal for Chargers fan across the region. November 8th represents a defeat for the entire fan base.

“In a season of heartbreaks this is the worst loss of all but we expect our team to have short memory and fight. That is exactly what we will do. Save Our Bolts is a group of fans who love this team on the best and worst days. The numbers are disheartening but it shows that resources don’t mean anything when the opponents determined to fight this measure were willing to spread misinformation.” said David Agranoff co-founder of Save Our Bolts. “The opposition to the measure constantly used numbers and talking points that didn’t match reality ignoring, for example, the significant portion of the price tag paid by the NFL and the Spanos family. It is hard to overcome such falsehoods.”

Save Our Bolts will continue to work on its mission to keep the Chargers where they belong in San Diego. The fight is not over.

“It has been a tough season, sure winning on the field would have helped, but we are not giving up on the Chargers and we are asking the Spanos family to not give up on us. A great majority of the Chargers fans live in the county and they didn’t have a vote. The vote in no way reflects the true passion for the team in the region.” said Shawn Walchef, owner of Cali Comfort BBQ and Save Our Bolts organizer.