Save Our Bolts to endorse Bryan Pease for City Attorney!

Within the last 16 months, the fan activist group Save Our Bolts has been at the center of the fight to keep the 56 year legacy of the Chargers in San Diego alive.  Despite drafting a citizen’s initiative that is friendly to local taxpayers and sees the Chargers paying 100% of the stadium and 65% of the total project, the support from political candidates has been confined to statewide officials.

David Agranoff, Co-founder of Save Our Bolts, thinks he knows why. “First off, many of the candidates have not even read the plan, they cite reasons for being against the plan that do not even exist. The hotel industry and developers in this city are bankrolling campaigns they want candidates to crush the plan for reasons that benefit their agenda.  One candidate is running on standing up to developers.  Bryan Pease is not afraid to talk about what is good in the plan. We as a bi-partisan organization endorse Bryan Pease for City Attorney.”

Bryan Pease is a California and New York licensed attorney with experience, including in executive roles, in in the government, nonprofit and private sectors.  His background includes working as a state assembly member, a government human rights commission, environmental, consumer and animal protection nonprofits, and as a public interest attorney litigating cases on behalf of vulnerable communities. He has also been an activist for animal protection and environmental causes for over twenty years.

“I am the only City Attorney candidate who has litigated cases on behalf of vulnerable communities, rather than prosecuted such communities or represented developers to find loopholes against providing affordable housing for such communities. I am and always have been a social justice attorney and I am pursuing this position not as a political step but as a way to improve my city,” said Pease.

“Bryan is the best candidate for the job. He has shown in this process he is willing to stand up for what’s right and against the establishment. That looks like something we might need at City Hall to protect the 56 year legacy of the Chargers in San Diego,” added Agranoff of Save Our Bolts.

Contact Information:

David Agranoff – 503-839-9926

Bryan Pease – or  619-723-0369



San Diego Stadium Coalition, Save Our Bolts and Other Groups Unite to Oppose Hoteliers Who Are Blocking Initiatives for Downtown Stadium / Convention Center

SAN DIEGO, Calif. (May 16, 2016) – The San Diego Stadium Coalition, Save Our Bolts and other civic and fan groups have come together in support of a national boycott against several San Diego hoteliers (known as the Hotelier Cabal) that are impeding efforts to build a downtown convention center / stadium.  The hoteliers identified in the boycott are financially influencing local politicians who are collectively opposing the development of a downtown mixed-use facility.

The hotels identified in the boycott include:

Evans Hotels

  • Bahia
  • Catamaran
  • Lodge at Torrey Pines


Town and Country Hotel

  • Town and Country Hotel


Bartell Hotels

  • Pacific Terrace Hotel
  • Humphrey’s Half Moon Inn & Suites
  • The Dana on Mission Bay
  • Sheraton La Jolla
  • Hilton Harbor Island
  • Best Western Island Palms Hotel and Marina
  • Holiday Inn San Diego Bayside
  • Days inn San Diego Hotel Circle (near Sea World)

“Whether you feel strongly about the Chargers and their quest for a new stadium or not, the influence that the hotel industry wields over local officials has created a dysfunctional political ecosystem where voter and taxpayer interests are being mortgaged to the highest bidder.” said Jason Riggs, San Diego Stadium Coalition Founder and Chairman. He added, “In 2008 we started working with various civic groups to find a stadium solution in San Diego. During that time one roadblock has remained consistent and that’s the hotel industry’s opposition to a downtown multi-use facility. Until these hoteliers and the politicians that represent them come forth to transparently discuss and negotiate the Chargers’ downtown convention center/stadium solution, we are asking everyone not to patronize their hotels.”

David Agranoff, co-founder of Save Our Bolts said, “Despite a downtown plan that includes a significant investment from the Chargers and zero general fund dollars, we have been surprised at the lack of support from local politicians and out right characterizations in campaign materials. We fear that a group of powerful San Diego hoteliers are influencing local politicians and creating a united political front against the Chargers. Follow the trail of donations and it is shameful that these hotels are using politicians to pit neighborhoods against millions of Chargers fans. The reality is this plan doesn’t hurt your neighborhood in any way.  It is time to hold them accountable. And our national fan base is ready to make sure when friends and family come to visit they know where NOT to book a room.”

Save Our Bolts along with The San Diego Stadium Coalition and their combined 42,000 members have joined forces and received support from various NFL fan groups throughout the world to socialize and execute this hotel boycott.

Riggs added, “We know it’s going to take some real financial pressure on these hoteliers before they’ll negotiate in good faith to resolve our lingering convention center and stadium issues. We feel this is a good start.”

The boycott officially kicks off on Monday, May 16, 2016

About The San Diego Stadium Coalition (

Founded in 2008, the San Diego Stadium Coalition is an organization whose members are fully committed to working with municipal entities to facilitate the construction of a world-class stadium within San Diego County, which will serve as a home for the San Diego Chargers and potentially the SDSU Aztecs, College Bowl Games, and other events. The group’s commitment is fueled by a passion for local sports, an acute understanding of the San Diego market and an unyielding desire to keep high profile events and the Chargers (the region’s only NFL franchise) in the county. The SDSC strongly believes that this goal will be achieved by working transparently with key stakeholders including citizens, politicians, regional business leaders and other key parties.

About The Save Our Bolts (

Save Our Bolts is a grassroots fan based organization of NFL fans committed to keeping the San Diego Chargers where they belong. As an organization and individuals, we know that a new stadium that will provide a venue not only to the Chargers, but several other events (super bowls, concerts and Championship games) that will bring economic growth to the entire region. The current stadium is out of date and a drain of tax-payer money, a new multipurpose venue could house many events of which the Chargers would be a small percentage.

For info on the political influence of San Diego Hoteliers, visit


Media Contacts:

San Diego Stadium Coalition Contacts

Megan Swanland Riggs, 858-344-1712 /
Jason Riggs, 858-229-3016 /


Save Our Bolts Contacts

David Agranoff, 619-230-5799
Johnny Abundez, 619-948-7113
Thomas Powell, 619-634-9610

SOB Statement on East Village Meeting

Save Our Bolts joined representatives from the Chargers at The East Village Residents bi-monthly meeting. The Chargers lead architect David Manica presented via PowerPoint the most detailed look at the Stadium/ Convention Center project we have seen yet. The presentation started with an introduction by Chargers owner Dean Spanos, followed by Special Council Fred Maas. The team spent forty-five minutes answering question after question often by critics of the plan. In the end the presentation received an ovation. Dean and Fred stayed after the meeting was over and talked to the plans biggest skeptics.

It was a powerful moment.  We got a better understanding of the building’s design and concept. We could feel the mood shift in the room. Dean and Fred did wonderful job of selling the project and most importantly as neighbors in East Village.

Chargers Initiative Receives Multiple Fan Endorsements

Press Conference: Chargers Park 12:30 PM today May 9th, 2016

Today, Save Our Bolts is proud to announce that our group will stand with SD Stadium Coalition, The Charger Backers and many other fan groups and Evolution Lighthouse to endorse the Chargers downtown stadium/convention center initiative for the upcoming 2016 election. In doing so, we will provide a unified vision to bring a new stadium and convention center space to the East Village. This will be before the 3 fan groups meet with the Chargers at the Complex for their monthly meeting. Later this morning at 10am, Save Our Bolts will also release a major endorsement from the biggest name yet to support the Chargers Initiative – the beginning of more to follow.

As the voice of the fans, Save Our Bolts will bring Neil Conde to the announcement. Neil is a Charger fan who had his leg amputated two months ago. Neil pushed himself over a mile and a half so he could sign the Chargers Initiative. “Neil did a noble thing. He had to make his voice heard and understood the privilege of doing so as an American. Even while some are polluted that process with their misinformation,” said Thomas Powell with Save Our Bolts.

“Opponents have worked hard to create confusion; with this announcement we hope it will be clear. Now is the time for citizens to sign off on the Chargers petition drive. The Chargers are paying for a significant amount of the desperately needed convention center expansion. We feel the deal is fair and with research other San Diegans who are not concerned about football will join us supporting the plan.,” said David Agranoff of Save Our Bolts.

“The Citizens’ Plan coalition believes strongly in the public’s right to vote on important civic issues like where to build a new football stadium and how to finance it.  Save Our Bolts bravely stood with the coalition when public officials were threatening to ignore the Citizens’ Plan.  Today the coalition is proud to stand behind Save Our Bolts and its efforts to bring the Chargers’ own proposal to the ballot box.”
Said Cory Briggs of The Citizens’ Plan coalition.


Save Our Bolts continues to build a coalition of non-profits and businesses that support the plan.

Save Our Bolts
Charger Backers
SD Stadium Coalition
Bolt Pride
Bolt Complex
Die Hard Bolt Club
Cali Comfort
Tilted Kilt
Evolution Lighthouse
Bars Society
You Know You’re A Chargers Fan When
San Diego Sports Domination

“Momentum is swinging, even if political figures in this community are dragging their feet the citizens are signing the petition. Even if those in the ivory tower of city hall do not understand the importance of this legacy, the community does and they are taking action.” said Thomas Powell of Save Our Bolts.

For media inquiries, please contact Thomas Powell at 619-634-9610