A Step in the Right Direction

Members of Save Our Bolts, Bolt Pride, San Diego Stadium Coalition, and San Diego Charger Backers met with Dean Spanos, Fred Maas, AG Spanos and Mark Fabiani this morning at Chargers Park.

It has been our mission to keep the Chargers in San Diego and we are excited for what’s ahead. The details of the initiative are still being worked on and we ALL should know more details in the coming weeks. We ask that you continue to remain engaged and stay informed.

We will also be meeting with City Hall in the next week and hope to continue to build bridges. Everyone working together towards one solution for San Diego, now and for the future. Stay informed!


Charging Forward

Since the Chargers announced yesterday, there have been rumors about what it will take, who will be in favor or against a plan for a downtown stadium. However, all we can be certain about is that the Chargers are focusing attention on a downtown multi-use facility.

We’re appreciative for the San Diego Chargers in trying to find a solution despite having more challenges to overcome and to Mayor Kevin Falcouner and County Supervisor Ron Roberts for their leadership and support thus far.

We will await more concrete information but agree that everyone should treat this as a fresh start. Throwing around the stuff the Chargers said last year, or what the City didn’t do fourteen years ago is not productive. Our goal remains the same. To keep the Chargers in San Diego and to bring the community accurate information. Save Our Bolts, as San Diego citizens, hope that all parties work together and #ChargeForward