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Posted by Save Our Bolts on Saturday, January 30, 2016

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Staying Home for 2016

We at Save Our Bolts are happy that the Chargers will be playing in San Diego for the 2016 season. We said it wasn’t over, it still isn’t.

That being said, the goal for the Chargers to remain in San Diego still requires work. Tonight we’ll celebrate the “victory.” Tomorrow we’ll continue to support resolutions that will keep the Chargers in San Diego.

Due to the nature of what’s going to happen shortly, we’re reminding citizens to register to vote if they haven’t yet and be ready to make informed decisions if it comes time to vote on a solution for A SAN DIEGO SOLUTION.

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LA Sports Media Unites Against the Chargers While Fans Show the Love

While fans work together to send a message of community and love for their team of 55 years, a growing chorus of sports and political figures in Los Angeles are calling on Dean Spanos to leave the team here in San Diego. One thing that is certain is that both the national and local sports media in the country’s second largest market have made it clear they do not want the Chargers to leave San Diego.

Members of Bolt Pride and Save Our Bolts worked a with local BBQ restaurant Cali Comfort and the San Diego Bolt Complex to launch the San Diego Love Letter Challenge. The challenge has gone on with more and more fans taking the time to write and mail the team a letter about their love for the team.

It is a sharp contrast to the reaction LA Rams fans gave to the idea of the Chargers sharing a stadium with their team. At a ‘Welcome Home Rams’ press conference the fans booed the idea of the LA Chargers. “The enthusiasm that has greeted the Rams return to L.A. is a result of the strong bonds and foundation the team built over its 49-year history in LA. In the 21 years since the Rams departure, the Chargers made no effort to build a fanbase or fill the pro football void in Southern California,”  said Tom Bateman, a longtime organizer of Bring Back the Los Angeles Rams.

In a piece called  “If the Chargers move north, their popularity will go south” Jeff Miller of the OC Register said: “It is hard to envision an NFL team playing the part of an extra in a movie, sort of blending into the scene to make the real stars appear even bigger. But this is L.A., the movie capital of the world and a market that just went 21 years without a team but, if the Chargers do make this move, could end up with something that feels like one team too many.”

Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times  and a national pundit with ESPN wrote in a column that appeared in both the Los Angles Times and San Diego Union-Tribune “This has never been a Chargers town. The Chargers had 21 years to woo us as an uncontested suitor and still couldn’t make it a Chargers town. . . .There are more Raiders fans here than Chargers fans, and it isn’t even close.”’

Considering the idea of The Raiders filling the void Columnist Jim Alexander of the Riverside Press-Enterprise said “And if the Raiders are in San Diego, and the Chargers are struggling to build a fan base in L.A., you think Spanos might then realize how badly he miscalculated?”

Tom Hoffarth of the Los Angeles Daily News: “Given San Diego’s sports history of moves, threatened moves and rearranging deck chairs on a Navy aircraft carrier, Spanos appears to be stuck between a Ray Kroc and a Hollywood Hard Rock Café franchise.”

The national commentators are speaking up  as well. Mike Florio a national pundit with Profootballtalk.com and NBCSports said: “Maybe the Chargers shouldn’t make the permanent drive to L.A. at all. And maybe they’ll be better off over the long haul remaining in their current market, paying for (and owning and controlling) their own stadium.”

Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports said: “The NFL had commissioned a study that found the Chargers were a distant third when LA-area residents were asked what team they wanted to see there”. 

National Radio host Colin Cowherd who is now based in LA spent several minutes trying to convince the NFL and Dean to stay in San Diego. “I want one team.”

Even more damning is the comments by made by Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti on an ESPN podcast: He “would like to see the Chargers stay in San Diego. We’d welcome any team to come here, but I love the idea of a great rivalry to the south,”

“It seems as of late the narrative has been that San Diego fans are like a rejected lover who can’t accept the loss of a long-time partner. I think the analogy is backward, we are not the ones being rejected right now. Dean Spanos should not feel bad about coming back to the table with San Diego. The fans and city can forgive and forget. We have passion LA has made clear they don’t have for the Chargers. We are ready to raise an army of fans if need be to get a grassroots solution,” said David Agranoff of Save Our Bolts.

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San Diego Love Letter Challenge

Dear San Diego Sports Fans:

We are challenging you to complete the San Diego Love Letter Challenge!

In case you missed the three-minute video produced by ESPN on Dr. Blake Talbot, a 100-year-old Chargers fan, we urge you to watch it before you read the rest of this post. If you have already seen the piece then please watch it again:

Why 100-year-old Chargers fan can live with team’s likely move to L.A.

After you watch the video, we urge you to write your own love letter to the Chargers. Our power as fans and this challenge is not only to write and mail your Love Letter, but also share it on social media and dare others to “accept the challenge”. Write, sign, mail, and share your letter immediately after you watch ESPN’s short
video on the 100-year-old -Chargers –fan who was the inspiration for this Love Letter Challenge. This empowers every fan to speak out and create the best
possible chance for his or her voice to be heard. Let’s challenge each other, our tailgating friends, our co-workers, and every generation of our San Diego football
family!  Post your letter on social media and be sure to tag your friends and family! Dare them to complete the challenge as well.

Use the hashtag #SanDiegoLoveLetterChallenge


The Fight Continues

The NFL announced that relocation is on hold. We need to ramp up our efforts to support a viable plan for the Chargers and the citizens of San Diego. We will meet with Mark Fabiani in the near future in the hopes of getting the Chargers and the City officials to work out a stadium deal that makes everyone happy. We will continue to keep momentum moving positively as we have planned in person rallies, meet-ups, and announcements. With social media, we will continue to target NFL owners, voicing our support of keeping the Chargers home, in San Diego.

The fight continues

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