Chargers fan brings message to his home state and Jim Irsay

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Bloomington native, David Agranoff, didn’t grow up a football fan in Indiana. He has carried many signs in protests – from labor, environmental to animal rights causes. This Sunday he wants to reach one Indiana resident – Colts owner Jim Irsay. Agranoff will be at Lucas Oil stadium to watch the Colts – Texans game on December 20. He’ll also be there to ask Irsay to vote NO on the Chargers-Raiders relocation and proposed stadium in Carson, south of Los Angeles.

“In 2002, I moved from Bloomington to San Diego, and it was the first NFL town I ever lived in. This was just as Ladanian Tomlinson was becoming a star. He got me hooked on the NFL, and I became a die-hard San Diego Chargers fan,” said David Agranoff.

Agranoff is not just any San Diego Chargers fan. He put his activism experience to work and co-founded “Save Our Bolts”, a grassroots fan group that has become a major player in the fight to keep the Chargers in their home market  — where they have been for fifty years, pre-dating the merger of the AFL and NFL. With over 16,000 Facebook followers on the Save Our Bolts page, the slogan has become the rally cry of Chargers fans, who continue to fight despite the team’s poor performance on the field. Agranoff has had several meetings with the mayor and city council members and has become a regular on sports talk radio and TV in San Diego. He even once represented the fans in an interview aired on ESPN’s Monday Night Football Countdown show.

“When my father told me he was taking me to the Colts-Texans game, I was excited to watch the game and knew I couldn’t miss a chance to send a message to Jim Irsay. I’ll be there holding a sign for most of the game. The Race to LA is a game of musical chairs with three teams fighting for two spots. It will come down to a vote of all thirty-two owners, and I want Irsay to know how important the Chargers are to San Diego. It could come down to one vote, maybe his.”

Agranoff will be available for media requests leading up to the game or after. “I hope Irsay will take notice. It is bigger than game day. From charity work to civic pride, a team means so much. If the Chargers and Raiders share a stadium, one team will have to move conferences, destabilizing the AFC. The direct comparison would be like moving the Colts stadium to Gary, Indiana. A three-hour drive to build a stadium between polluting smokestacks and landfills would not be good for the NFL. We are not sure that the owners outside of California are getting an accurate idea of the site. Irsay won’t want to be the Grinch that stole the Chargers from San Diego.”

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Save Our Bolts Supports the Citizen’s Initiative

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December 4th 2015

On the front lines of the fight to keep the Chargers in San Diego, Save Our Bolts represents one of the largest fan coalitions working today on the issue. The members of the group  have voted to support the signature gathering process for the Citizen’s Plan Initiative to eventually make it on the ballot. Already an impressive coalition ranging from the League of Conservation Voters and San Diego County Tax Payers Association have signed on. Save Our Bolts took our time to read the entire plan, meet with the plan’s designers and did this to make sure we made the most responsible decision.

While this plan is not designed to “Save the Chargers” we feel as an organization that it creates an environment that could make a future stadium possible. The plan would generate $18 million per year that would be paid for by visiting tourists. This could not only help close the gap in funding for the stadium but could help the city’s general fund. This plan could accommodate either a Mission Valley stadium (the city’s preferred option) or Downtown (preferred by the Chargers).

As an organization, we support ALL efforts to keep the team here. We continue to be impressed by the Mayor’s leadership. Kevin Faulconer has continued to fight for the legacy and history of the Chargers and put together a fantastic team of experts. The speed with which the city produced the Mission Valley EIR is a sign of commitment we do not take lightly. We will continue to support the city’s efforts and think this plan helps create multiple paths towards a solution.

More importantly it is a plan that helps San Diego across the board from issues related to SDSU, Comic-con, the convention center and possible river parks.

Please contact us at or via Twitter @SaveOurBoltsSD if you have any questions.