Save Our Bolts Mobilizing Fans for NFL Forum

As a Chargers fan entering into the 2015 season it can feel pretty helpless as the stadium drama continues to grind out. Today’s deadline for the city is only for the January election,  it’s not over… there is still hope. This week Sam Farmer of the LA Times reported that the NFL is holding fan forums to hear directly from the fan bases in San Diego, St.Louis and Oakland. The townhall-style meetings will be held at the Q and follow a format similar to the one organized by the CSAG back in March.

“We don’t know the date yet, but with this report Save Our Bolts is calling on fans to be prepared to show up. Big numbers turning out will be essential to proving that our market is important to the NFL. Ticket sales in San Diego are at seven years high and we have to keep that positive energy going. Compared to St.Louis that has had dismal turn-out turning their two pre-season games,” said David Agranoff co-founder of Save Our Bolts.”It could be the end of this month or early in October,could be a weeknight we just don’t know yet.Bottom line it is a trip down to the stadium but it is totally free and chance for fans to express their frustration. We need to fill the stands with fans demanding the Chargers stay at home in San Diego.”Print

The forum is not scheduled. Save Our Bolts is asking fans to stay tuned to their pages and will announce details as soon as they have them. 

“It doesn’t cost a dime, it’s a few hours of your life but it’s chance to speak your mind. If the team leaves or stays you don’t want to look back and wish you had done more,” said Thomas Powell of Save Our Bolts.

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