Spirit Day Becomes Day for Fans To Speak Out

Save Our Bolts, the fan-driven grassroots movement wanted this day to celebrate Charger and San Diego team spirit – Casual Friday to be Chargers Friday. With the recent mud-slinging between the city and the team, the die-hard and casual fans have become collateral damage.

After organizing several meet-ups and discounts at restaurants and businesses around the county the group had to adapt their plans. “We realize the Chargers fans of San Diego county are not feeling spirit right now. Most are angry and frustrated. We think it is more important than ever to gather together and make ourselves heard,” said David Agranoff of Save Our Bolts.

Fans will be gathering for meet-ups at Cali Comfort in Spring Valley starting at 3pm, The Tilted Kilt in Mission Valley at 5pm and BJ’s Brewhouse at 430pm also in Mission Valley. Save Our Bolts supporters and  Charger fans will be available to express themselves on camera or the radio.

In this rapidly developing story the voice of the fans have been lost. This is a unique opportunity for the media to talk to fans during the off-season.

As part of Spirit Day, Save Our Bolts is still calling on fans to wear their San Diego team gear and take pictures and use the hashtags: #619Day and #DontBolt. “We know it looks bleak but it is not too late to make your voice and passion be heard.”

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BoltBlitz.com Talks with Fabiani

Recently, Mark Fabiani was interviewed by BoltBlitz.com about the stadium situation in San Diego and Los Angeles. There is a lot of information out there in the media and on the radio, however, we encourage you to take your time and read this interview to stay informed.

Here is just a snippet of the interview:

BoltBlitz.com: How badly do you want the Chargers to remain in San Diego? Or are you strictly focused on what provides the Spanos’ family with the most lucrative deal?

Mark: If Dean and his family didn’t want the Chargers to remain in San Diego, we would have given up long ago. There have been stadium options available in LA going back to 2003, when AEG was proposing a stadium near Staples Center. Ed Roski’s stadium site in the City of Industry was fully entitled in 2008. AEG’s Farmers Field site has been fully entitled for years now as well. If the Spanos family wanted to move the Chargers out of San Diego, the team would have been gone a long time ago.

To read the entire interview, visit BoltBlitz.com.

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Fabiani on Darren Smith of Mighty 1090

Whether you are a member of the San Diego community or a supporter of keeping the Chargers in San Diego from outside our region, we think it’s important to stay educated on all things stadium including the plan, possible obstacles, etc. On Monday, Darren Smith interviewed Mark Fabiani on all things stadium. Below is the link to his interview.

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Jim Moose Talks CEQA

Since the mayor’s press conference about a possible December 15 election, we have heard a lot of people mention the CEQA – California Environmental Quality Act. Jim Moose who has no affiliation with the city, county or the Chargers discusses the CEQA on Mighty 1090 yesterday. Click below to stay educated on the issue.

Jim Moose on Mighty 1090

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The views, opinions and positions expressed by the authors and those providing comments on these blogs are theirs alone, and do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions or positions of SaveOurBolts.org.

6/19 Spirit Day Unites the Community Behind Stadium Effort!

As the City of San Diego and Chargers continue to negotiate the plans for a new multi-purpose stadium in Mission Valley the grassroots effort to support the plan is coming together. Members of Save Our Bolts have continued to organize the community in their ongoing effort and highlight massive community support in San Diego County for the Chargers. Back on March 20th the group organized a county wide spirit day and casual Friday became Chargers Friday. Participants included the employees of the City of Escondido and San Diego, restaurants and car dealerships.

“We had a fantastic reaction with thousands of pictures posted that day with hashtag #saveourbolts it showed a sense community backing for the Chargers we knew was there. This time for 6/19 were doing it bigger and better. With events and specials at restaurants and businesses around the county. BJ’s in Mission Valley is hosting a happy hour meet-up with a 10% discount for people attending in Chargers gear! And that is just the beginning.” said Marisa Cali of Save Our Bolts. Here is a list of businesses that have agreed to support the 6/19 Spirit Day:

Tilted Kilt  Mission Valley – 15% off to all guests wearing CHARGERS gear plus free Save Our Bolts stickers (while supplies last)
BJ’s Mission Valley – Happy hour specials all day when mentioning Save Our Bolts plus 10% discount*
El Pollo Grill – 19% discount on total bill when mentioning Save Our Bolts spirit day.
Cali ComfortPlate special : 1 pound of slow cooked rib tips for $6.19 all day. Happy Hour 3-6pm
Nittis Tattoo & Barber Shop – $61 SD related tattoos (plus $9 tip) at Mission Valley and Chula Vista locations, $55 Chargers Bolts tattoos at Mission Valley location – First come, first served. See below for more details.
Evolution Lighthouse – 30% off ALL products Friday 6/12 and 6/19 Spirit Day. Please use code Spirit Day when ordering. Click here for more info.
Piña Business Services – 
Free month of Bookkeeping and/or Payroll Services if you sign up on or before 6/19 Click here for more info.
Landini’s Pizzeria in Little Italy is offering 19% off specialty pies all day – The BOLT and M80!

It is not late for your business to get involved! You and your workplace can send a message to the NFL and the Spanos family. If you have a business Save Our Bolts is listing and spreading the word about promotions to our massive internet following. If your office is taking part we can add that to our list as well. It is not to late to approach your boss about taking part.

If you are a business or would like more information on Spirit Day specials, send our social media team an email here.

We ask that you share and RSVP to the Facebook 6/19 Event.

*Does not apply to happy hour specials or alcoholic drinks. See manager for details
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Save Our Bolts Spirit Day 6/19