LA Radio Blasts Holes in the Carson Stadium Plan

beast-logo-951We have heard a lot of people writing the San Diego obituary in relation to the Chargers. The UT’s Nick Canepa wrote an opinion piece basically moving the team up North to the Carson landfill site. Today, on The Beast AM 980 is Los Angeles, Fred Roggin, an on-air host, dug into the deal in Carson. He affirms what we have often warned people about — there are holes in validity of moving to Carson story. Fred Roggin lays it all out. Check out the link below for more info.

Stay informed.

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Save Our Bolts Teams Up With Evolution Lighthouse

The Save Our Bolts movement is eagerly awaiting the upcoming rally on May 23rd at Qualcomm Stadium. As we prepare for the rally, we are excited to announce a partnership with Evolution Lighthouse. Evolution Lighthouse (EL) is a San Diego-based jewelry and accessories company launched by Patrick Pickford and Gerly Noland in 2014. Their goal is to raise awareness and bring funding to the community’s greatest causes. In launching their mission, EL teamed with NFL superstar, Eric Weddle to tackle domestic violence.

Starting today, this save_our_bolts_grandeSave Our Bolts bracelet will be available for purchase on the Evolution Lighthouse website. When selecting the charity, be sure to select “Let Evolution Lighthouse choose for me” if you’d like a portion of the proceeds to go to Save Our Bolts organization. Wear this elegant piece of jewelry and show your support for keeping the bolts in San Diego! Available in Sterling Silver or Gold Filled. Note: Bolt is gold colored brass in both colors options.

Thanks for your support! We hope to see you at the Q on May 23rd!

Connect with Evolution Lighthouse:
Instagram: @evolighthouse
Twitter: @evolighthouse

BoltBlitz Speaks with Chargers’ Special Counsel Fabiani

Thomas Powell of had a conversation with Mark Fabiani, special counsel to the San Diego Chargers. They touched on all subjects surrounding the CSAG, the possible move to Carson and how incredibly difficult this process is for fans, city officials, volunteers and the team. Here are some highlights:

Thomas Powell:  In your meeting with CSAG in January, they said your position on the location of a new stadium was “agnostic”. Many people believe the Chargers favored downtown for a variety of reasons. What do you believe led to the miscommunication, if there were any?

Mark Fabiani: One of many problems created by meetings that aren’t public, and that aren’t transcribed in any way, is that people can come out of those meetings and say whatever they want about what occurred in the meeting – and there is simply no way for the public to sort out what actually happened.

Thomas Powell: Some fans were deeply hurt by the team’s decision to negotiate with Carson over the past 9 months in private, and the mutual announcement with the Oakland Raiders. Why was that decision made, and do you have a message you’d like to deliver to the fans here in San Diego? If so, please do it here.

Mark Fabiani: We also hope that fans understand that the steps we have taken in Carson have only been taken as a last resort – taken only after 14 years of inaction here in San Diego and only after an aggressive move by another NFL franchise to take over the LA and Orange County markets. Finally, and most important of all, we hope fans will remember what we have said again and again: Our first priority remains to find a solution in San Diego in 2015, and the Carson option will be exercised if only if we fail to find such a solution.

To read the full interview, head on over to You can follow Thomas on Twitter at @tpowell619.

For Immediate Release: Save Our Bolts Rally May 23

save-our-bolts-rally-may-23This is your chance to let everyone know how important the Chargers staying in San Diego is to you! We’ve heard rumblings to the north of us, but, we can’t let that distract us. The Chargers BELONG in San Diego! Come and support the Save Our Bolts movement and show us your bolt pride!

Save Our Bolts Rally
Saturday, May 23, 2015
1:05 Kickoff
Qualcomm Stadium

Special guests will be present!

Invite your friends, family and even rival team fans. We welcome all who support keeping the NFL and the Chargers in San Diego. Let’s Get It Done! RSVP on Facebook: Save Our Bolts Rally At The Q!

More information will be available soon:
Twitter: @SaveOurBoltsSD
Instagram: @SaveOurBoltsSD

For all media inquiries, please contact Thomas Powell @tpowell619 on Twitter.

Nick Hardwick Wants To Save Our Bolts

Save Our Bolts supporter Nick Hardwick attended Friday night’s Padres game to throw out the first pitch. He talked with the Mighty1090’s Marty Caswell about life after football, Rivers trade rumors and the Save Our Bolts movement. Fast forward to 4:25 to hear his message.


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Thanks Nick!
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